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Product review for “Ultimate Best Man Speeches” by

From time to time, I am asked to help prepare a wedding speech, particularly for best man.  I have previously ordered other online wedding speech packages.  Various wedding speech packages have both similarities and differences.  However, I really wanted to look into Ultimate Best Man Speeches to see what they had to offer. 
Ultimate Best Man Speeches consists of 28 prewritten best man speeches and toasts.  The sample speeches vary in terms of length and the relationship of the speaker to the groom.  Some of the speeches are designed to last a few minutes.  Other speeches are short and sweet, only lasting for a minute or two.  Speeches are delivered by the best friend, brother, or son of the groom.  There are different scenarios for speeches such as for the divorced best man or for the groom who is a sports fanatic.  All 28 sample speeches use the same groom (John) and bride (Cindy).  The speeches possess a nice blend of humor and seriousness.

UltimateSpeeches offers more than just the sample wedding speeches and toasts.  The overall duties of the best man are outlined.  The do’s and don’ts for the best man speech are explained in detail.  Samples of jokes and one-liners are given to help enhance your best man speech.  There are numerous examples of proven wedding toasts, as well as quotes from famous people.  This best man speech package comprehensively lays out the best man’s checklist for things to be done before and after the wedding ceremony and also during the wedding reception.  Public speaking, as well as speech organizing and delivery tips are discussed.

A separate ebook, Guide To Writing Great Wedding Speeches, was included as part of my order.  This ebook also offers sample wedding speeches and advice.

I personally recommend the Ultimate Best Man Speeches package to serve as an important resource for the structuring and delivery of your wedding speech.

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Product Review for Wedding Speeches For All

Weddings are truly special occasions.  A time of celebration, joy, laughter and bliss!  The newlywed couple is the highlight of the occasion. Apart from the newlyweds, the food and the decor, the speeches form an integral part of a wedding.  Everyone awaits speeches in a wedding.  Whether it’s the best man, maid of honor, the parents of the bride and groom or the bride and the groom themselves– people wait for speeches.  This puts a considerable amount of pressure on the speakers.  It is a hard task to put down so many emotions and memories in the form of an entertaining few-minutes speech. Both writing and delivering a memorable speech can be quite a nerve-wrecking job.  A fantastic solution to extinguish all the guesswork, uncertainties, and doubts about your wedding speech is a website created by John Wilson and Belinda Hamilton called, Wedding Speeches For All

The website offers exclusive speech packages for all relationships. The speech packs are based on complete understanding of the needs and expectations of a speaker.  The excellent speech samples in the packages are highly entertaining and adaptable and flexible at the same time. The samples are a blend of humor, substance and meaning.  You can relate to alot of the speech samples and thus pick and choose portions from these samples to make them a part of your own speech. Thus saving lot of time and energy.  Both John and Belinda are respected names in the wedding speech industry and have helped hundreds of people deliver exceptional wedding speeches and create wonderful memories to be cherished forever.  These two are experienced authors with over a decade of experience in the wedding industry. With their valuable insight and understanding of wedding speech writing they help make speech writing a cakewalk for you.

Besides the speech samples, the book offers practical tips on overcoming stage fright and delivering a confident speech, lots of exclusive wedding toasts, quotations, hilarious one-liners and valuable information on wedding etiquette.  All this easy to follow information helps you to break the clutter and deliver an outstanding and memorable speech.  The strength of these books lies not only in the fact that they have excellent speech samples but also a step by step guide to help you write your own wedding speech from scratch.  I must say that the speech samples are very entertaining.  You will actually enjoy reading them all.

The book feeds you with both, the ideas as well as the appropriate words for expressing those ideas. There is also a lot of additional information that you can use to add a punch to your wedding speech.  The book will help you get rid of writer’s block and will get your creative juice flowing. 
As a result the guests will be enthralled with your speech no matter who you are in the wedding.

The book excels in preparing you on all aspects of speech-giving from writing to presentation. Even if you have never written a speech all your life or have never spoken in public.  With the help of this step by step guide you will win the heart of each and every individual in the room. It will strike just the right chord. 



Product review for “Best Man Wedding Speeches – How To Be Fearless, Funny, and Flawless!” by Dan Stevens

Recently, I was asked to help out a friend with preparing a best man speech for an upcoming wedding.  As I have never written a wedding speech or toast before, I knew that I would need the assistance of looking through sample wedding speeches.   I searched around the internet for sample best man speeches.  While I found a handful of prewritten wedding speeches that were useful, I still felt the need to download speeches from an actual wedding speech preparation website.  After looking through several different websites, I decided to order and download a best man wedding speech package through WeddingSpeech4U, which consists of twenty prewritten best man speeches.

This best man wedding speeches ebook opens by giving an historical insight into the origins and evolution of the ‘best man’.  I found this to be quite interesting!  The many roles and responsibilities of the best man is discussed.  Chief among these is the giving of the reception speech.  The best man speech requires a great deal of preparation and rehearsal.  The last thing that the best man desires is for his speech to be remembered as a disaster. 

This ebook outlines the process and order involving both the wedding speech and toast, providing lots of useful tips.  There is a section written about speech etiquette, which includes numerous do’s and don’ts. The best man speech need to be of good taste.  While you may want to be funny, it is important to be mindful that certain things should not be discussed in your speech.  You do not want to broach a topic or say anything that will be deemed as being offensive to the newlyweds or others in attendance. 

The main part of this ebook are the twenty sample best man wedding speeches.  Mike (groom) and Sara (bride) are named in all twenty speech samples.  Each sample speech provides a mix of humor, seriousness, and advice.  Factual information, along with some lighthearted, jokes regarding the newlyweds, is included in the speeches.  All wedding speeches consists of an opening, body, and closing.  These twenty sample speeches vary in length.  A wedding speech can last anywhere from only a couple of minutes to several minutes.

These sample speeches are simply intended to serve as a template.  The idea is to use the templates as a guide to use for your own personalized speech.  The best man speech should serve as a smooth transition from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception.  The best man speech should be tailored to match the personalities and lifestyles of the newlyweds.  These twenty sample speeches will definitely aim to accomplish this.

In addition to the main best man wedding ebook, separate bonus ebooks for toast, poems, jokes, quotes, and one liners are included.

I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend this best man wedding speeches ebook.  This ebook will help to greatly enhance your reception speech, serving to please all in attendance, especially the newlyweds.


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The wedding ceremony has concluded and soon the reception will begin. Wedding receptions feature the newlyweds first dance, picture taking, dinner and more dancing, the cake cutting, and another critical aspect - the various wedding speeches! Speeches are usually given by the best man, maid of honor, and the father of the bride. Wedding speeches (particularly from the best man and maid of honor) contain a mixture of sentiment and humor. It is extremely important that the speaker properly prepares and rehearses the speech prior to the wedding. The speaker must make certain to maintain an appropriate balance between being serious and being funny. Any humorous jokes must be said in good taste. For example, the best man should refrain from discussing about any of the groom's former intimate relationships, as this may upset the bride and her parents.

The typical wedding speech usually last about 5 minutes and contains approximately 700 words. These speeches have various components. The best man's speech will be used as an example here. At the beginning of the speech, the best man starts off by thanking those in attendance and acknowledging the efforts of the wedding party. The best man will then mention how he first met the groom if he is a friend or other non-relative. Between giving factual information, the best man will likely share a funny anecdote or two involving himself and the groom. As previously stated, the best man shouldn't go overboard with the jokes
and humor! The best man will discuss the circumstances about how the groom first met the bride. The best man will talk about how the newlywed's relationship developed over time. The positive attributes of both the groom and bride will be listed. The best man will follow that up with some serious and humorous marital advice. The best man will close out his speech by offering a toast to the newlyweds.

A maid of honor speech is similar in many ways to the best man speech, with the primary focus being on the bride. Father of the bride speeches tend to be more sentimental with a little humor sprinkled in. In his speech, the bride's father usually extends a special thanks to the groom's parents for assisting with the wedding planning and/or for raising a fine son. The father then goes on to reflect about his relationship with his daughter from when she was small through
the present. The father also offers marital advice to the newlyweds. Like the best man and maid of honor, the bride's father ends his speech with a toast.

Wedding speeches are an important element toward making any wedding successful. Heartfelt and appropriately funny speeches will help to create lasting memories for the newlyweds on their special day!